Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What A Girl Wants

Remember back when you were a young girl and you and your friends would make a list of all the great attributes your future husband would have? Remember the list you would write about all the things you required to have a happy life? Things like: tall dark and handsome, blue eyes, 6 foot tall, president or CEO of a company or a Doctor. You had to live in a house with a pool and a white picket fence. You would have 3.5 children and a yellow lab. Your children would have perfect complexions, perfectly straight white teeth and be Captain of the football team or Head Cheerleader. Your husband would swoop in the door from work, plant a ever so delicate kiss on your lips and continue on to the den to play with the children until dinner time. Blah blah blah:) Is this how your life played out? It sure as hell isn't how mine did!

I was the one to solve all the problems in our house. I was the one that fixed the drain. I was the one to entertain those kids around the clock while the old man snored away in the recliner after devouring the delicious meal I cooked in the crock pot while I was at work all day! We lived in an apartment way to long and I never did get my white picked fence or yellow lab:(

What did I get? I got 22 years of happy, sad, funny, troublesome and loving memories. I got the 2 greatest kids a Mom could ask for! Do they have perfect teeth? Nope but their smile can melt my heart! I got 3 beautiful white Miniature American Huskies that became my best friends! I got friends that have been there even when the should not of been. I got a life lived in the moment and the love of many great people! I got the education to land my dream job.

If I were to write that list today, what would be on it? I want for my children to follow their dreams and have the chance to see the world. I want my family and friends to find riches and happiness in all that they do. I want to continue working my dream job and paying it forward. Do I still want the prince? Actually all I want is a great guy that has the same family values that I do. A guy that is happy just lounging on the couch watching movies with me. A guy that works hard and knows the rewards of his hard work. A guy that will hold my hand as we window shop. A guy that believes in me the way I would believe in him. A guy that is happy just hanging out and being together. A guy that loves being my travel buddy.

Yes, with the passing of years my list has drastically changed! With the passing of time I now truly appreciate and love the small things. What does this girl want? World happiness, a cure for diseases that take away our loved ones and someone to sit on the porch swing with holding hands and planning our next adventure. But in the mean time, Ill continue doing what I love and seeing new places while Im just trying to figure it out......