Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friends, Family and the One you Love.......

How many times have you lashed out in anger? The people we love the most are the ones that can hurt us the most thus evoking the strongest reaction. Why does it seem as though 1 simple little word spoken can break your heart AND make you mad as hell? I know there have been several times I have lashed out with very hurtful, hateful things when I have been hurt by someone I care for. These things are usually said to my best friend Paula, My P.I.C. Missy, Sara, Kim, Ginger or David ~ my main support group:)

I'm not going to lie, I have said very very mean things out of hurt. I have told secrets, sworn it was over and called people awful names. I got so mad at my sister in law that I did not speak to her for 3 years. Didn't solve a thing but she hurt me and I lashed out by not talking to her.

More often than not, I make up with whom ever it was that hurt me. My temper tantrums are short lived and I now actually admit to maybe taking things the wrong way:) But that doesn't erase the things I have said to my friends and family. When things are said and done, the people I have said something to are now pissed off at the person that hurt me because they care for me and don't like to see me hurting. The awkward thing is that you don't want these people to have bad feelings against the person you love because you have made up.

When I am the confident, I say mean things about the person that did the hurting and usually want to hurt them for hurting someone I care about. Then they make up and I am left with my own angry feelings for that person. But in all truth, we only have the right to be upset that our loved one is hurting.

We all say things out of hurt, but we also forgive. Love has a way of making us forgive even the worst of actions. But friends and family are still mad at our love.Its kinda a catch 22, we want them to be on our side and hate them when we do but then we want them to forgive them and love them again the way we do. It isn't always easy.

Thank you my friends and family for always listening when I have been hurt and say the awful things I do in trying to ease my pain. But I ask that you remember they are said in my time of HURT and don't always relay my true feelings, its just my need to let my hurt be known. As a friend we need to learn to be there to support our friends and family through WHATEVER it is they are experiencing. Even when they have been hurt deeply but are still in love with that person and hang onto the hope of making up. Or even when we go back to a love that tore our heart out.......

Offer your advice, but remember it is my heart that is hurting and is making the decisions. If I can find it in my heart to forgive than you should to. Please don't judge, there is only one person that has to live with the decisions made. At the end of the day, I am the one that has to live with the decisions I have made. I am the one that will pay the price. If I am happy, celebrate with me, if I am sad, hand me a tissue. A true friend is just there, no questions asked while I'm just trying to figure it out..........


  1. wow mom! that is soo true, half the time the things i say about people i really do not mean... learning this the hard way Karma really is a Bitch... WE as people have a head with a brain that does things that I am even amazed at... Then WE have a heart, full of love to give but when its broken, we can cut you into peices... If everyone slowed down and cane to an agreement of your heart and head sit at a steady medium then the world would be a better place. no one can tell you who to love nor can feel what your heart is feeling. People may say "How can you love him you never really dated?" but only YOU can dertirmine who you love, no one else can. YES, people may say your stupid, they hurt you how can you take them back... becuase that simple word is ingraved in the center of your heart and no one can change that but you... Just sayin, everyone needs to step back, look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really know who they are and what it means to love someone before telling others not too.

  2. We always love you, and we support you when he is an ass and plot his death, but we smile happy smiles when he makes you happy because that is the part you deserve. you can't have the rainbow without a little rain!