Thursday, September 30, 2010

Music soothes my soul....

Music soothes my soul...... Sometimes it feels as though the music is part of me, telling my inner most secrets. I so love how music can set my mood. When I'm starting my day and need a little lift or getting ready to go out and need some warm up dance music or if I am feeling nostalgic or just need a damn good cry, music can give it all to me!

We have music playing in our home from the time the 1st person is up until the last ones goes to bed. My music appreciation has grown and changed over the years. To me there is nothing better than a night of friends and cocktails while dancing to the oldies! But I have also come to love a lot of rap, pop, rock and reggae. Who ever thought I would be able to sing an entire Eminem or Jay-Z song?

Mornings in our home always start with music, a cup of Jo, singing and usually Sara and I dancing in the bathroom as we do our hair. Not only does this start my day in a good mood it is a bonding time for me and my girl. The moves and giggles that happen during that time are definitely YouTube worthy. lmao

Now my son likes the harder stuff~ he introduced me to Illusions and it is one of my favs. I'm not saying he hasn't also learned to appreciate my oldies, I still get a tickle when I am listening to a oldie and he asked who sings it then I hear him listening to it in his room.

I personally want to thank apple for inventing the IPOD. All 3 of us have one and they all are used regularly. When we all take a walk together there is usually 3 different songs playing on our IPOD's. Zack and Sara usually have them in their ears while I am driving just in case I am in the mood for something they don't feel like listening to.

Music really does soothe this savage beast! And it helps me think and feel while Im just trying to figure it out........

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