Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Do you ever visit Margaritaville? Or land of the Deathstar? Or Kamikazeville? I find myself visiting these places more and more ofter. Once I get there I feel all warm and tingly...but after a few hours, I start to feel everything I traveled to these places to forget. Me and a good friend have traveled to these places several times recently both hoping to escape. We usually find a small period of time that nothing matters then all hell breaks loose. By morning we are still trying to forget AND have a headache! You would think a nice trip would help with a good nights sleep. Oh absolutely NOT! If I ever run into the Sandman you can be sure Im gonna be kickin his ass. How do you turn off your mind? How do you stop replaying things said or imagining things that could be said? Where is that magic switch or potion? I guess I'll keep trying different combination's while I'm trying to figure it out.........

1 comment:

  1. I think we should try again. Practice makes perfect you know, eventually we will learn to turn off those nagging thoughts......or drink them into submission once again.