Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So....Im not sure if I should just jump right in or slowly walk in. If you know me, you know I'm jumping in. Today is a day that I'm feeling a little spunky! I enjoy the bantering I have with some friends on Facebook and love the time spent with them. It seems I can always log out with a smile on my face:) I cant quit thinking of Chris. He has worked his way into my heart. The bummer is he doesn't know how far into my heart I have let him. There was only one man in my heart for 22 years and somehow this guy touched me, I want to make life better for him and show him what a true relationship can be like. Its scary feeling this way about someone again. How do I tell him I think we would be great together? It seems we all want that special relationship and someone to share life with....so why oh why does it have to be so freakin hard to get to that point? One day I'll spill it and hang on..........

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  1. Awesome girlfriend. Keep em coming! Can't wait to read more. It's scary to decide to let everyone read because then you start editing yourself. Go for it baby, your secret is safe with me!