Sunday, April 4, 2010

Amazing Women

This blog is dedicated to the beautiful, talented, caring, courageous, smart, amazing women in my life. I don't know how I would make it through a day without you women. People always make fun of the relationships women seem to have with each other but unless you are a woman that has some of these relationships you could not possibly understand. 1st- to my beautiful daughter Sara, thank you for choosing me to be your Mom. Thanks for being my strength when I had none! I am thankful for your spirit, smile, tenderness and mostly for making me laugh every day! Kim, do you remember writing these words to me...all things, all places, all times, us? What more can I say? You have saved me more times than I care to count. Always sissy! Missy-my PIC. You make me laugh, cry, scream and ride a bull. lol. Thanks for the shoulder and the words my friend! Ginger-you give me sanity! When I think I'm done, you remind me who and what I am, why I do what I do. You give me hope that things will always work out......
Mom, thanks for bringing me into this world and letting me become who I am. Paula- there is nothing about me or that I have done that you don't know and you have never judged me for it. You seem to know what I need and when to give it. I love you ladies! You all believe in me even when I don't believe in myself and I thank you! Please be with me while I'm just trying to figure it out..........


  1. Where else would we be darlin? Right here, right now, always!

  2. Why does your comment box hate me?