Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The best friend ever

Today I lost the best friend I ever had!!! My Sugar Pie has been with me for almost 15 years. Sugar loved me unconditionally and I loved her in return. She didn’t care if I gained a few pounds or if I didn’t have any make up on. Hell all I had to do was be there and she was happy. What will I do without her? Who is gonna just “know” when Im feeling down or uncertain? She always did! If I was struggling, there was my Sug. She would snuggle up against me and give me kisses. She just was ALWAYS there watching and waiting for my attention. Sugar didn’t really have anything to do with my Dad until he got cancer. The day Dad came home from the hospital Sugar took her spot next to him and stayed until Dad was cancer free. On nights when the kids didn’t feel well Sug would either sleep in bed with them or stay in their room just keeping an eye on them. Her motherly love included everyone. We took in some orphaned Ducks one time and she tried to nurse them. She tried to mother and love everything. I will never find another companion that will take such good care of me. You were the best my Sugar Pie!!! You will live in my heart and thoughts forever……


  1. but she can SEE! thank goodness too because i bet heaven is beautiful. she probably took a nice spot next to the TV watching you and your family still:)

  2. Oh Marianne, your two legged friends love you as well. Next time your down I'll curl up in your lap and give you kisses. Do you know where I can get some doggy breath spray?

  3. even though its only been a day... I miss her more than anythng... NOTHING can replace the love she unconditionally gave and i miss her so much... Lacy you are so right! she can see again but that pain you feel is one cannot explain until you've been through it... :( gah!