Saturday, July 31, 2010

The simple things in life

The simple things in life~ Are you like me, so busy is your day to day life that you forget how much joy the simplest of things make you? Laying in bed the other night listening to the waterfall I also heard the crickets. I haven’t fallen asleep to the sound of crickets in years. I felt so relaxed and calm just listening to those sounds. The simple sound of my daughter laughing or my son saying “I love you Mom”. Its nothing out of the ordinary but it gives me such pleasure. Holding hands~ahh it’s a simple action but one that can crinkle my toes! The sound of rain hitting the roof or my window, the smell of a summer rainstorm. And what about that beautiful rainbow after the storm? Watching a Hummingbird drink from a feeder, the smell of puppies breath, my Dads hug. There really is nothing special about these things but the feeling I am left with is one of joy and comfort. Breakfast in the Canyons, lunch with my best friend or my sister calling just to say “I love ya sis.” The simplest task or action can make me feel so warm and fuzzy. When did I lose sight of that? I think its time I slowed down and spent more time with the simple things. Looks like the fishing pond will be a great place to be while I’m just trying to figure it out…..

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