Friday, August 20, 2010

A dying art........

I do believe there are a few men left in this world that are actually gentlemen. What happened to the good old days when a man would hold your chair, open the door for you, carry your bag and allow you to walk in front of him? It’s a dying art I tell ya! I have several male friends and they are all true gentlemen. One friend is very much a gentleman and you never would of guessed it with his long hair:) This man opens every door, carries all the bags, lets me order first and always made sure I was safe. Today I watched a gruff biker that was in front of me in traffic that would reach back and hold onto his ladies leg when he was gonna gun it. It made my heart sing! A simple action but one that spoke loudly! I bet he is a true gentleman. The other day I was meeting a friend for lunch and arrived early so I sat in my car texting and catching up on paperwork. I was blown away that in a 30 minute time frame 4 gentlemen came over to see if I needed any assistance. Gives me hope chivalry is making a comeback. Do you think they have any idea how utterly sexy it is? Should we tell em ladies? Naw, then it wouldn’t mean as much. I have always taught my son to be a gentleman. He opens the door for all the ladies, including his mamma and always allows the women to go first. Hopefully he will grow into a real gentleman! To those men who display this sexy trait I say a big Thank You, you sexy thing for making us girls feel special for just a little while. Maybe the rest can come sit on the back porch with me listening to the waterfall as we are trying to figure it out……


  1. "this is for all the suckers who still believe in love"

  2. Amen to that Lac... guysm look, it is totally sexy and us girls really to take the little tings into consideration you do, so when you think that holding our hand or even an on occasion wink is bugging us just remember its really making our heart beat ot of our chest! <3

  3. Oh Lacy Face its not about believing in love cuz you know I dont believe in that anymore! Its about remembering the little things and being a gentleman~your heart can skip a beat or go pitter patter with no love involved at all sweetie:)