Thursday, September 2, 2010

Changing Season

How I love this time of year. The temperature outside is almost perfect. The chill in the air as the sun sets is soothing against my skin. The light breeze that is just strong enough to tickle your hair makes me sigh. It seems as though this is the time of the season when things slow down a little bit. The kids are back in school and summer vacations have come and gone. I spend more time outside now than I did all summer. I really don’t know how I survived this long without the haven of my backyard. Next year I plan to get a hammock and a tree swing. I don’t think it can get any better than that. (Well, maybe a pool with a Cabana boy and a hot tub but other than that…….) For some reason this time of the year always makes me just stop and appreciate who and what I have. It’s hard to believe Fall is almost here! What a year this has been so far. I have lost track of all the “first” I have experienced this year. Some have been exhilarating and some have truly been a bite in the ass. I have many more “first” planned for the next few months and I hope they all feel as good as it does when I put RN behind my name. The one I am looking forward to the most is the free fall off the Stratosphere in Vegas with Sara:):) What an experience that will be!! And following in a close second is spending the holidays in my house. Thanksgiving will be here this year right before we leave for Vegas. And Christmas has always been a special time. What “first” will I experience as a surprise and what “first” does the next year hold? Guess i'll just sit in my haven swinging away as I'm just trying to figure it out……………


  1. Yeah buddy! that free fall is gonna be sick!! im excited mom! and cant thank you enough for giving me what i hope will be one of the best birthdays EVEA!!! Loves you

  2. Forget it! I am absolutely not going to the top of the Stratosphere again. But I will most certainly wait for you at the bottom, drink in hand!