Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its me.......

Hi, it’s me……..so exactly who is me? How well do you really know me? Do we ever really know another? For those that do know me you know that I am very nosy and curious. I get to know people pretty well by asking non stop questions. If I want to know something, I ask~ even if it is none of my business. Face it; I just want to know:) Robert calls me the “Interrogator” because I don’t stop until I get my answers:) I love people ~ all people. Sometimes I just sit and people watch. People’s histories fascinate the hell out of me. Its fun to learn what journey brought a person to where they are. Do you ever look at a person and automatically judge just by their appearance? I have. Not proud of the fact but I have. So how many people have judged me by my appearance? Well I say “I am more than you know and more than you will ever know, simply because you never took the time to know.” By Rocky Williams. How many have not bothered to look beyond my tough exterior to see the tender heart that lies inside? How many have never noticed the tears that have fallen when someone I love is hurting and I can’t fix it? How many have walked away because I scared them with the truth? Does anyone know that this tough girl cries herself to sleep more often than not? What do you see when you look at me? Do you see the friend in me that will sacrifice whatever it takes to help in your time of need? Do you see the mother that has dedicated the last 21 years to guiding her children to be the best they can possibly be? Do you see the woman that will love and protect with everything that is in me? Have you ever taken the time to just sit and ask someone “how are ya? Is there anything you need?” This is who I am and what I do. I love with a passion, and I hurt with that same passion! Take the time to get to know someone~it may lead you to a friendship that is priceless. I will continue to love, protect, watch and ask my questions while I’m just trying to figure it out…….


  1. its so true... people cant look past someones outter apperance, when really who gives a shit what we look like... its all about you as a person not what you are on the outside. god made us who we are for a reason and it takes someone who has faith and believes in god to know that there is more beyond the outward apperance.. i have judged people too and i have no right to along with everyone else!!! just sayin...

  2. You my dear, are the definition of a true friend. You call me on my bullshit and love me anyway. You are one of the most amazing women I know and I love you!