Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Hand Cougar

Damaged goods……. My sister and my PIC have both stated this is what we are. Yes we are all single. In the relationship area we have some minor issues. There are some things that we are scared of, won’t accept, can’t forget and are down right confused about. This constitutes us being damaged? Show me a person that has not been affect by their past and I will give you a million dollars. Being hurt, lied to, cheated on, abused, used and degraded by someone that proclaims their love and trust is bound to leave a few scars! I don’t like being labeled as “Damaged Goods”! I will admit I no longer trust the opposite sex, I still have a heart that can’t believe he could be so cruel. And well quite truthfully I don’t think I will ever allow a relationship of more than friends with benefits to ever take place. I just can’t leave myself open to that kind of hurt again. Am I damaged? No, I am the result of life experiences. Am I all shiny and new? Am I full of innocent hope for the fairytale ending? Do I still believe in magic? I believe there is a chance two people can find happiness with each other and live very fulfilled lives. No I am not all shiny and new, I am the result of life experiences that did not live up to the fairytale ending I had hoped for……I guess you could say that instead of “Damaged Goods” I am just a Second Hand Cougar. Lol! I think I like that a whole lot better!

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  1. Ok, I just gotta sing....YOu make me feel shiny and new. Like a virgin, hey, touched for the very first time...
    Darlin we can be whatever we want to be, and you my friend are not damaged or secondhand in the least!