Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am finally saying goodbye to apartment life and moving into a home! Boy what a year of changes this has been. I have spent the weekend painting our new home. It is so exciting that Sara and Zack finally get to have the rooms they have always wanted. Sara with her pink and brown girly room, me with my lipstick red wall and Marilyn theme. Zackman still isn’t sure exactly what he wants so white walls it is. My kitchen is red and white and the front room is no longer green. The pond is clean and the waterfall is running. I can open my bedroom window and hear the sounds of the waterfall~simply heaven I tell ya! I can again grow houseplants and weed the garden. What a pleasure it will be to not have Zack and guest hunt for a parking spot!!! No more stomping, yelling, smoking neighbors! (above or below me at least! Lol) I am looking forward to decorating the rest of the rooms and finishing the movie room downstairs. The holidays are gonna be so much fun to decorate for this year!! I have to say this accomplishment coupled with receiving my RN is a great feeling. Thank you to the wonderful friends that are always there willing to indulge me in my crazy ideas….(even when they think I’m nuts:}) Now I can sit in the swing on my porch and listen to the calming sounds of the waterfall as I’m just trying to figure it out………..


  1. Anything you need, ever, and I'm there! We will have awesome bbq's, even if it's just us girls and the kids. We will celebrate the holidays with the new "families" we made. This is who we are and the life we are meant to live. You deserve it more than anyone I know. I love you so, thanks for being my friend and holding my hand and heart when things get tough.

  2. ah i love that house! so cute! love the pond! love the movie room!

  3. yeah.... i still cant believe i'm going to live there... is that room really MINE? do I get to live in a house where it is a place of peace and quiet... Do I get to have people over and not feel ashamed anymore... Do I get to make new memories in a place where I call home... YES I DO and all because of you mom!!!