Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I thought I was done with school.......

I am going to start this post by stating the obvious….I am a AWFUL driver. Yes I admit it freely! I am easily distracted, I sing, I do a little danc:), I study, do paperwork, eat, program my GPS, talk and yes, god save me I text!!!! But what I really like to do is drive REALLY REALLY FAST!!!! So how is it that with this special talent I wind up with a job that has me driving all day long? Oh ya, I am also an insomniac. Not quite sure why the sandman is so mad at me. Was it something I said? lmao . There is only so much you can do in the middle of the night! I have looked at every vacation package possible online, cant clean or I’ll wake Sara and Zack. Facebook just isn’t the same for me anymore and crossword puzzles are no longer a challenge. So that leaves driving:) Most of the time when I am driving I have somewhere that I have to be or am short on time. At night there is nowhere I have to be and no one to answer to. I get in my car, turn the radio up loud, roll down the windows, let my hair blow in the breeze and hit the freeway. I never know where I am going or where I will end. I drive really fast and go really far. Tonight I wound up in the beautiful Park City. I didn’t realize how fun that Canyon drive is at night. There is nothing that relaxes me or clears my mind better than these drives. I generally take these drives 4-7 times a week. In all this time I have never been pulled over…. again, these drives are done at high speeds. No it is always when I least expect it that Mr. Law comes calling. That’s right, I got another speeding ticket on my way to work. I’m not saying I wasn’t speeding, Im just saying it pisses me off. I thought I was finally through with school…nooooo traffic school here I come. I need to clear some points off my record:) Is the $45 and 2 hours of my time worth the pleasure those drives give me? That’s actually something I HAVE figured out………HELL YES!!!!


  1. hahahah mom i am so your kid! those drives are amazing and it really is the only thing that clears my mind too... ive never had a ticket (thank you heavenly father) but driving fast listening to songs you normaly wouldnt listent o in the car with other people and letting the breeze take ahold of you and clear your head. its amazing... AHHH Park City... SOO many memories of that place... what was on your mind before you drove up there...?

  2. P.S. I have to add my pedicures to my list of stress relievers...ahhhhhhh

  3. I'm a lousy driver so I drive really, really, slow, bugs the crap out of my kid!