Monday, June 14, 2010

I DID IT!!!!

YESSSSS! YESSSSS! As of today I am officially a Registered Nurse!!!! This was a long hard road that I completed all on my own. Only those that I am the closest with know exactly how hard this road was. I am so looking forward to all the celebrations over the next few weeks with my friends and those that have always been there for me. Yes, this celebration will last for weeks! I have to admit this is a bitter sweet celebration. There are 2 men that I wish could celebrate this accomplishment with. I DID IT DAD!!!! I really did it! God I wish you were here to share this with me. I miss you so much! You will never know how much I want one of your hugs:( Just to hear you say “ I knew you could do it Bubs!” Thanks for guiding me through Dad. And of course, I had hoped to celebrate this with Chris. Just 2 weeks ago he said he wanted to celebrate with me. I had hoped we could celebrate in Vegas. Looks like my next Vegas trip is the one planned over Thanksgiving for Sara’s 21st birthday. Ill make new Vegas memories then. I will enjoy my celebrations with loved ones and friends but it won’t be the same. I keep thinking how he once said to me”Marianne you are the only one that has not given up on me.” I hope he knows I never will! I accepted his moods, his funks, his past, and all his insecurities and just loved him for who he was. I tried in every way to make him happy. I will always be there if and when he ever needs me. I miss his smile, his blue eyes and his encouragement. How can my heart ache so much? I just miss him….....
But for now, I DID IT!!!! I really did it!!!! Let the party begin!!!!


  1. I am so proud I'm bursting at the seems!

  2. Party, party, party. You rock girlfiend, you are my inspiration! Love you more than I can say.