Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pride and things remembered

So it is Gay Pride weekend and the activities are endless. Tonight Mandy and Erin invited me to the White party at the Moon. I didn't really feel like going but I had promised Erin I would so I went. Ran into Collet and she was looking great! Athena and Justin were working and I got to visit with them for awhile. Jordan actually showed this time and he was hilarious! We danced our buts off. We laughed and messed around and met new people. We all agreed that "what happens at the moon, stays at the Moon!" I think we all got to meet a new side of each other tonight. lmao!! Erins girlfriend is not 21 so she couldn't come out with us but she agreed to be Erins driver. At closing time Erin is informed her driver is at home drunk and now she needs a ride. I am not drinking so I take her home. She lives in South Jordan and it is quite the drive. I deliver her home safe and sound and begin my trip home. Driving late at night all by myself my mind of course turns to Chris and the crap that has happened. I'm in my own little world remembering things I did with Chris and the fun we had in Vegas and on the 4th of July. We actually really did have a lot of fun together:) I reach for a CD and swerve into the other lane. I correct myself and continue on. I look in my rear view mirror and what do I see? Oh yes my good friend the highway patrol with his lights a going!! He ask me the normal questions and runs my license. All I can think about is this fat ass trying to do a sobriety test alongside the freeway at 2 am:( He warns me on driving safely and lets me go. With my driving record what are the chances I would find the 1 Highway Patrol man that is not an asshole? So I head home listening to the CD that got me in trouble and letting my thought go where they shouldn't. Apparently I shouldn't be driving while I'm just trying to figure it out........


  1. Thinking and driving will get you everytime! Glad you had fun.