Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Tillie

I don't think any accomplishment, gift, love or friendship will ever compare to the soul touching love I have for my children. They say we pick our parents~I can never repay my children for picking me! Over the last few years I have had my share of struggles and I just could not of made it through them without my girlfriends, son and especially my Tillie. My daughter has the heart the size of Alaska! In my darkest hours and in my brightest moments she is always there, cheering, encouraging and comforting! Back when I was working 2 full time jobs and would come home long after the kids had gone to bed, I would finally crawl into my own bed and would quite often find a note tucked under my pillow. Tillie would write letters of encouragement telling me how proud she was of me and how strong she thought I was. Even though they usually brought me to tears, they also gave me the determination to succeed and make a better life for those kids. Well, 3 years later things are much better and Tillie is still there, cheering, encouraging and comforting!!! I want her to know how proud I am of her and all that she has accomplished! When I look at her I always think to myself "My daughter is the new improved version of me. She is who I would be if I'd thought about who I was going to be before I became who I am." Thank you Tillie for picking me to be your Mom. You will never know how thankful I am to have you with me while I'm just trying to figure it out.........


  1. Well thank you for popping that girl out, because I would be a lost soul without her. She saved me in high school, literally. She let me be her friend and eat lunch with her and now i love her more than words could EVER say.

  2. mom... I love you SOO much! you have no idea how much you mean to me! thank you so much for everything mom!!! and.. I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lacy... all i can say is you are the cheese to my maccaroni lol :) we will ALWAYS be BFF for etirinity... and i know our strong belife in god will lead us both towards our dreams that I know for a fact we are going to make happen! I love you and i know i was lead to you by god to save you from this aweful and cruel world that saten has his hands on!! HSN will never die or get old neither will SCHEMEGG or being BUTT RAPED BY A CAMEL IN MORACCO or I GOT MY TAMPONS NOW!! HAHAHAH OH WOW ALL OUR INSIDE JOKES!! I LOVE THEM AND I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS <3 <3 <3